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That didn't work--I guess I'll have to write this. Like your typical designer and developer, I enjoy a cup of Java in the morning before I start my day. Coincidentally, this habit began around the same time I was learning Java.

I started learning to code when I was 13 out of my own interest, using Visual basic as a stepping stone. It's graphical development environment made it easy to pick up at an early age, as well as functioning as a gateway into design. After discovering my inclination towards design, I learned HTML and CSS from available online and print resources. Over the course of creating, editing, and disecting multiple websites and I've also become comfortable with visual and UI design.

Currently I'm in the Computer Science (Coop) program in the University of Waterloo. In my free time, I like to get active, explore my surrounding environment with friends, try new experiences, and learn about subjects of personal interest. I also enjoy hackathons.

Professionally, I am open to new experiences and opportunities to learn in the industry. I am looking for a coop placement for the Fall 2017 (September to December) term.

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Ben Zhao