Games Made by UW Students

In A Flash: Brook Jensen, George Serban, Liam Gallagher, Marianne Jettè, Jessica "Yoshi" Yoshida

GI Jam (May 2015)

Mango Deathwish: Brook Jensen, Jonathan Semple, Liam Gallagher, Marianne Jettè, Ryan Tan

GI Jam (January 2015)

SNAFU: Jonathan Semple, Ryan Tan

GI Jam (September 2014)

We're All Going to Die: Brook Jensen, Jonathan Semple, Ryan Tan

Global Game Jam (January 2014): "We don't see things as we are, we see them as we are"

Bursting With Colour: Brad Keys, Matthew Miner & Brent Mitchell
Chromaticaste: Sean Gilhuly & Stephen Kiazyk
Crescimus decrescimusque: Louis Burke
Fight! A Battle to the Death: Omar Ali
Through the cracks: Jonathan Semple

Global Game Jam (January 2013): "The sound of a heart beat"

A heartwrenching, heartfelt adventure in space: Omar Ali
Eat your heart out, my love: Jonathan Semple

Global Game Jam (January 2012): (image)

Eventuality: Chris Sturgess
Gluttony: Danny Yaroslavski
Ouroborous Chambers: Omar Ali
Paradox Tower: Terrance Niechciol, Ian X

Paper Jam (November 2011): Murder (Love)

Because I love you: Jonathan Semple
Capitalists, Hippies, a Were-Cat and Murder: Brook Jensen, Devin Gloyn

Game Jam (October 2011): The Unknown

Untitled no.1: Jonathan Semple
Snake: Omar Ali

Community Jam (July 2011): Jenny’s Dad, The City, and Hidden Problems

Jenny’s Dad: Sherban Gaciu, Brook Jensen, Theodore Pan, Jonathan Semple, Jun Zhang

Paper Jam (March 2011): Travel (Depression)

everything ends with cannibalism (and you leaving me): Jonathan Semple

Global Game Jam (February 2011): Extinction

This World Will End: Alex Hughes