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Join our community of game developers - from artists, to designers, to play testers - Thursdays at 6pm in the GI Collaboration Space. We hold tutorials, play and discuss games, and hold other events on video, board, card, and role-playing games. No previous game dev experience required. We also have space (and players) if you want to play test your own game. You can also participate in one of the club's projects, learn how to start your own, or just kick back after classes with other game lovers.

LEARN Event 2018

The LEARN event is a free to attend series of talks and tutorials on game making and game desgin, no prior experience required. The LEARN event takes place on May 22nd and 24th at The Games Insitute starting at 6pm both days and is free to attend. For instructions on how to reach The Games Institute check here. For details on which talks are happening at what time, reference the calender below.

If you are planning to participate in the Unity tutorial please download the software prior to attending. Download link can be found here:

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