uWaterloo Teaching Students' Association

The objective of the TSA shall be to promote interaction amongst University of Waterloo Undergraduate Students interested in a career in teaching. Throughout the academic year, a collection of social, athletic, cultural, and academic activities shall be organized to foster positive networking between potential teaching candidates. Furthermore, the TSA will explore and encourage professional development activities with the goal of improving club members' teaching qualifications.

2015/2016 Executive Positions

Name Position T Status
Samantha Caravaggio President T3
Bernadine Catral Vice President T2
Michelle Leung Treasurer T2
Ryan Heney T1
Jessika Davis Secretary T3
Mary Charow T1 Representative T1
Sarah Cook Past President TGrad

Other Noteworthy Positions

Name Position T Status
Geoff Auckland Office Managers T3
Natasha Choo T3
Geoff Auckland Social Committee Heads T3
Natasha Choo T3
Bernadine Catral Social Committee T2
Michelle Leung T2
Ten Bradley TGrad
Mason Walden TOther
Ten Bradley Website Developers TGrad