In Contexts

					(define (LR stack states-stack read-input unread-input output)
					  (if (empty? unread-input) ((λ (z) (if (boolean? z) (err (length read-input)) (reverse (cons (car z) output)))) (from-start stack))
					      (match (hash-ref trans-table (cons (car states-stack) (car unread-input)) 0)
					        [0 (err (length read-input))]
					        [(cons 'shift n) (LR (cons (car unread-input) stack) (cons n states-stack) (getread (car unread-input) read-input) (cdr unread-input) output)]
					        [(cons 'reduce n) (define rul (vector-ref rules n))
					                          (define len (length (rule-RHS rul)))
					                          (LR (drop stack len) (drop states-stack len) read-input (cons (rule-LHS rul) unread-input) (cons rul output))])))

This is the webspace of Taras V. Kolomatski

I like the number 163, but not 5.


BMath in Pure Mathematics: University of Waterloo, 2013 - 2017

    Honours: With Distinction, Dean's Honours List

MAst in Pure Mathematics: University of Cambridge, October 2017 -

    Commencing this year

Mathematical writing (expository):

Stone-Weierstrass by Functional Analysis

Compact Groups

Existence, Uniqueness, and Regularity for the Euler-Lagrange PDE