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About Us

The University of Waterloo's Statistics Club is the official student run club serving UW's statistics undergraduate students. The Stats Club is dedicated to bringing together the statistics undergraduate community on campus by providing friendly and welcoming environment, as well as supplying resources for the academic pursuit of Statistics.

How and Why to Join?

To join the club, simply come by the office (M3 1004) or show up to an official event. Full membership is granted to persons who are currently, or were in the past term, social members of the MathSoc, although anyone may become an associate member. The current termly membership fee is $2.00, the minimum fee as set by the Mathematics Society.

Whether you're pursuing a career in statistics, or would simply like to learn more about statistics, there are many benefits to joining the Stats Club:

Contact, Office, & Current Executives (Winter 2016)

The US Statistics Club office is located on the first floor of Math 3 in room M3 1004. This office is located on the south end of the building, near the MC-M3 tunnel entrance. The executive team may be contacted by email through:

Alternatively, one may stop by the office and talk to the current executives in person (as well as direct any questions about a particular event to its organizer):

  • Co-Presidents
    • Alice Wang
    • Xin Yao Li
  • Treasurer + Secretary
    • Mandy Gu
  • Technology
    • Darrell Aucoin
  • Events
    • Andrew Park
    • Rena Chen
    • Chen (Edward) Qian

Becoming an Executive

The Statistics Club is always looking for volunteers to help out with running the club. If you are interested in helping out, attend the elections at the beginning of every academic term and feel free to run for an executive position! In the case that the elections have passed, it is best to get in contact with one of the executives and ask to help out or attend an event and meet them in person.

Executive positions that have gone unfilled may always be filled at a later date, so this may also provide an opportunity to members wishing to become more involved later in the term.

Statistics Club Constitution - as of October 12, 2012

  1. Name.

    The name of this club will be the Statistics Club of the University of Waterloo, henceforth referred to as the 'Stats Club'.

  2. Purpose.

    The purpose of the Stats Club shall be threefold:

    1. To promote the academic pursuit of Statistics both within the club and without.
    2. To provide a community wherein individuals with academic or personal interest in Statistics can meet with others of the same.
    3. To create a social atmosphere for the promotion and discussion of the interesting and/or challenging aspects of Statistics, as well as to explore its relevance to future academic and/or career choices.
  3. Membership.

    Membership in the Stats Club lasts until until the end of the academic term in which it was conferred, unless it is revoked by the executive officers.

    1. Full membership shall be granted to persons who are currently, or were in the past term, social members of the MathSoc (Mathematics Society). Full members may hold executive positions, attend and vote at club meetings, and participate in all Stats Club activities.
    2. Associate membership shall be granted to persons who are not, or were not in the previous terms social members of MathSoc. Associate members may attend club meetings in a non-voting capacity, and participate in all Stats Club activities.
    3. Membership shall be conferred upon an individual when he/she has paid the current membership fee.
  4. Executive Officers
    1. There shall be at most ten officers:
      • One Club President or two Co-Presidents
      • One Vice President - Finance
      • One Vice President - Technology
      • Up to five Vice Presidents - Events
      • One Senior Advisor
    2. The Executive Officers shall be elected democratically at the beginning of the academic term, and shall hold their positions until the beginning of the next term.
    3. The Academic Advisor is invited to act in the capacity of ex-officio member of the club.
    4. At the discretion of the executive team, regular members may volunteer to play a support role to the club and aid with executive duties.
  5. Executive Duties.
    1. The primary duty of all executive officers is the upholding of this constitution.
    2. The duties of the President(s) are as follows:
      1. To call and preside over general meetings.
      2. To post announcements of all club meetings, and to send notice of the same to MathSoc's President and MathSoc's Director of Internal Affairs.
      3. To manage the executive team and the strategic direction of the club.
      4. To be aware of MathSoc's Policies and Bylaws in regards to the club's management and activities.
    3. The duties of the Vice President - Finance shall be as follows:
      1. To prepare the budget at the beginning of term.
      2. To ensure membership fees are collected and maintain a list of all past and current members.
      3. To keep an up-to-date record of financial transactions and the purpose of expenditures, and to present this record to any club member or MathSoc Council member upon request.
      4. To prepare a summary of the financial records at the end of the academic term.
      5. To volunteer as president in the absence of the president.
    4. The duties of the Vice President - Technology shall be as follows:
      1. Maintain and update the club website.
      2. Maintain any hardware, software, or technology the club may possess.
      3. Perform the duties of a Vice President - Events if possible.
    5. The duties of each Vice President - Events shall be as follows:
      1. To chair the organization and promotion of least one event per semester, and ensure its success.
      2. To assist the president and other vice-presidents in administrative duties and events.
    6. The duties of the Senior Advisor shall be as follows:
      1. To be aware of MathSoc's Policies and Bylaws in regards to the club's management and activities.
      2. Have previous club management experience in order to advise the president and executive team on club matters.
    7. The duties of the Executive Team as a whole shall be as follows:
      1. To actively promote the club, increase membership, and collect fees.
      2. To actively maintain a presence on campus.
      3. To take minutes at Stats Club meetings, make the minutes accessible to the membership, and send a copy of the minutes to MathSoc's Director of Internal Affairs.
  6. Committees.

    Committees may, at need, be created by the executive officers and may be disbanded by the same.

  7. Allocation of Funds.

    It is recommended that club funds be primarily allocated to the following:

    1. The accumulation of a library of texts that are of academic or personal interest to the membership.
    2. Academic events held by the Stats Club.
    3. Social events held by Stats Club.
    4. Materials for the promotion of the Stats Club or Statistics as a whole.
    5. Other expenditures decided upon by a democratic vote by the membership.
  8. Amendments.
    1. This constitution may be amended by a democratic vote of the membership.
    2. A notice of the proposed amendment must be relayed to the membership a least a week in advance of the vote.
  9. Dissolution.
    1. In the event that the Stats Club is disbanded, all assets save those that have been donated to the club will be transferred to MathSoc with the intent that they should be given to a new Statistics club, should one form.
    2. Effort shall be made to return donated items to the donor. Should, after a reasonable period the donor be unreachable, donated items shall be treated as an asset per the previous section.