Sean Gilhuly

Greetings! I am Sean Gilhuly, a computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo.

Arrayed below are some pictures and summaries of projects which I have worked on in the past.

Planet Generator


Using OpenGL, this creates a model of a sphere, applies a planet map texture, then rotates the sphere. The algorithm which creates the map texture uses random planes to generate a height map of the planet, which it then colours according to arbitrary rules. For example, height below 0% will be water, while height above 80% will be mountains.

This was implemented using native C++ on the Blackberry PlayBook, and the algorithm is detailed here.

Paradox Tower

Paradox Tower

This was my first major group project. As a team of three, we worked together to make a playable game in only 48 hours. Having had the most artistic experience, I produced all of the image and sound files used in the game, as well as the graphics and sound engines, while my teammates worked on game logic, pathfinding, a scripting engine, and level design.

After this was all in place, I upgraded the basic scripting engine, adding commands so that level transition and cutscene scripts were operational.

This program was created in Java for the Global Game Jam 2012, and can be downloaded here, at the bottom of the page.



This is another 48 hour game, created for the Global Game Jam 2014. I worked in a team of two, and created the physics, level design, editor, images, and animation, while my partner created the level input, collision detection, and rendering engine.

This program was created in Java, and can be downloaded here, at the bottom of the page.

Strong Like Orc

Strong Like Orc

This game was created in 48 hours by myself for Ludum Dare December 2015. I created some of the assets, and all of the custom coding, including 2D platforming physics, level generation, and animation.

The theme for the jam was "Two buttons", so I designed the game to require two buttons: jump and attack.

This was created in Game Maker Studio, a game engine, so I didn't have to worry about the graphics or sound engines.

Click here to play in browser, or to download for Windows.

Geometer's folly

Geometer's Folly

This game was created in 48 hours by myself for Ludum Dare April 2016. I created the graphics, and coded level generation, enemy behaviour, a shape detection algorithm, and interactions between the player's spells and the environment.

The theme for the jam was "Shapeshift", so the game is played by placing nodes in a drawing ("shape"), and by using a short teleport spell to move around and dodge ("shift").

This was also created in Game Maker Studio.

Click here to download for Windows.

Project Euler

Project Euler

The image on the left shows how many problems I have solved on Project Euler.

Project Euler is a series of over 580 mathematical and computer science problems of increasing difficulties. Less than 10% of the members have solved at least 50 problems, and less than 2% of members have solved at least 100 problems.