Thomas Kim

One Click Weather App

>> Download Weather App for Windows <<

* Instruction: Extract OneClickWeatherApp.7z / Right click the file with .ps1 extension /
Press "run with power shell" / Follow the steps and install the app / The app name is "CityWeather" by default

>> Download Weather App for Android <<

* This app is in .apk file. Only Android version 2.3 and above may install this app.

α Summary of the app

One Click Weather App can display the weather information from almost any city in the world.
The app can display multiple information other than the weather itself such as the current time
of the city
, humidity and the condition of the weather .
Users can change the unit of temperature to suit their familiarity.

β Screenshots of the app

screenshot screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6

For codes, visit my github page:
One Click Weather App - Windows
One Click Weather App - Android