Thomas Kim

Four in A Line: a game of strategy

>> Download Four In A Line! <<

* This game is in .exe file. Only Windows operating system may run this game.

α How to play Four in A Line

This is a very simple game.
The goal of this game is to connect 4 pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally first.
There is one catch though. You can only place pieces from the bottom to the top!

β There are Two Modes


One player mode (1 vs Computer) sign up page


Two players mode (1 vs 1) sign up page

β - α One player mode (1 vs Computer)


You can choose to go first, or let computer play first.
The computer's skill might be challenging to beat for a beginner, so be careful!

β - β Two players mode (1 vs 1)


Play with your friend!
You can enter both of your names to the game and choose a turn.

γ New game / Resetting score / Changing mode


These features are available by pressing a 'file' button in the game.

δ More tips and information about the game!


Check out the 'help' section in the game.
If you want more tips about the game, you can visit this Quora article written by Tikhon Jelvis.

For codes, visit my github page: Four in A Line