Rishabh Minocha


Today's Future

Jul, 2013 - Present

Lead Developer
Solely developed and published 4 applications on the Google Play Store and received over 250 thousand downloads combined with one of the apps hitting a rank of 147 in the top free charts. Currently transitioning all projects from Java to Kotlin and slowly started publishing smart contracts on the Ethereum Platform. Invited to several conferences and gave talks at various symposiums. Invited to give a talk at FOSSASIA '18, Singapore.
Faircent India Pvt Ltd.

Jun, 2017 - Jul, 2017

Android Intern
Developed a widget for the users to view important information on the screen and interact with most of the features of the app right on the widget. Over 8 features of the app could be displayed on the same widget itself. Implemented features which required designing and calling RESTful API's by Retrofit to display information. Optimized a feature and reduced 15% of the size of the app even after adding the widget feature.

Apr, 2015 - Mar 2017

Led a team of 45 individuals for several successful inter-school competitions. Gave talks and workshops in various schools were students did hands on coding while being explained the whole structure of android. The students learnt how to make their their first app by making API calls, filtering results and storing data on Firebase. Delivered talks at various Technology Symposiums.

Jan, 2018 - Present

Director of Workshops
Currently leading a team handling Business Development, Logistics and Design to provide workshops and talks at various locations such as Waterloo and Toronto. Previous workshops included introduction to GraphQL at the Shopify HQ in Waterloo.


Univeristy of Waterloo

Jan, 2018 - Present

BMath. Mathematics - Receieved Presiden't scholarship of distinction.
The Shri Ram School

Apr, 2013 - Mar, 2017

Completed my High-School with a 92.25% in ISC and received an award for Subject Excellence in Computer Science. Was a part of the State Basketball team. School's basktetball, table tennis, football and swimming team.


DynPin Beta
Highly Ranked

Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

The application which receieved a 100 thousand downloads and reached position 147 in the top free charts of the Google Play Store. A security-based mobile application which enabled users to have a dynamic pin to unlock their devices. The pin would simply be the time and users have an option to use a modifier to change the pin. For example, time = 12:45 the pin would be 1245. Using modifiers the pin could be
    5421 (reverse)
    1246 (number +1)
    12455421 (mirror image)
and much more. Used AndroidDeviceManager API to change the pin by making the call every minute. Decreased battery consumption by 37% by making service calls when the display was on.
Award Winning

Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

A project developed at a hackathon in IIIT Delhi. Using the concept of blockchain, my team and I developed a platform where news could be verified on a blockchain network. Forked HyperLedger and used Civic to avoid multiple accounts per user. Users were awarded a token for correct news votes. Once a news reached a consensus of 51%, a news would be verified and the smart contract would publish it to another block.
App for Events
Award Winning

Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

Developed an application for events for both the organizers and participants. Developers could clone and modify into their event. Users could sign up on the application, view live scores, view a live stream of the keynote speakers, contact teachers, get the location of the event and navigate easily. It was built for the organizing team as well. All the volunteers could get tasked assigned individually, global announcements made and more.
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March 2018

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MArch 2018

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March 2018

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 Awards, Coverage, and Recognition

Award at Hack the Valley 2

March 2018

Awarded an award by CBI incubator for the most innvoative project and recieved a funding of CAD 25,000
Won the IIIT Delhi Hackathon, Esya

Aug 2017

Won the IIIT Delhi hackathon. The project has been above. Project name Newscensus
Wolfram Best Coder IIIT Delhi

Apr 2014

In addition to winning the IIIT Delhi hackathon, I received the best coder award by Wolfram.

Mentor at StarterHacks

March 2018

Mentored over 10 teams at Starterhacks by University of Waterloo with code, ideology and concept of their projects.
Third Runner Up at GCET

April 2017

Won the hackathon by developing uSafe in 12 hours and was the youngest participant in addition to being a lone wolf.
Fourth Runner's Up at BharatHacks

Aug 2017

Received $1M F6S alpha card by F6S. Project name CreditEasy. Offered to make it a full fledged startup by an investor.

Special Mention at Firebase Appfest

March 2018

At Google Firebase Appfest for developing an application for people to their itinerery of their trips and people rating and reviewing them.
Mentored and hosted Shriteq

April 2017

Organized and mentored a hackathon for my school's annual technology symposium from scratch.
Winner of App Development

Aug 2017

Won the first position at ACCESS 2016 by recoding DynPin beta from scratch to reduce the app size by 58% and by adding 7 modifiers.

Demo at Exun 2016

November 2016

Had the opportunity to talk about 3 of my applications at a technology symposium with over 2000 attendees.
Winner of P.A.T.H '16

April 2017

Developed an application for the safety of women by computing the safest route using Google Maps API and Google Places API.
Android Workshop

December 2016

Held an android workshop for students of my school where people did hands on coding and made their first android application.

 Other Skills and Information

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Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Vision

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Object Oriented Programming
Functional Programming
Contract Oriented Programming