Name: Yan Rui Handin code: 102YanR

Yan Rui (Yandayixia)

  • Obligation: Guardian of Zot
  • Originated: Layer 6 (Ashinzari)
  • Race: Sub-human
  • Rank: (Tier1) The Anti-Demigod
  • Nature:
  • *Powered by friendship. (Ability enhancement when is adjacent to an bounded ally, effect stack)

    My projects

    Key figures on my journey of seeking

  • ***Key holders***
  • Dongilong:
  • The choosen one for the God of Dragonborge. My childhood friend whom has taught me that girls come first before friendship. The one who ignites my chain of fate using the flame of betrayal.
  • Master Jerry:
  • The dragoborn of shadow, granted me my demigod-like power of self-belief. My master whom leaves me with my ultimate armour "The Heart Breaker". holds the key to unlock my tier 5 talent of "Mastery".
  • Veral Freesia:
  • The demigod of beginning and end, the one who has ignited my passion of improvement. A mysterious figure who holds the key to unlock my tier 4 trait of "Passionite"
  • Luc the White:
  • The demigod of flame, granted me my beloved Bandana of Courage. Holds the key to unlock my tier 3 ability of "Concentrarity"
  • Lawrence the Great:
  • The demigod of frost-ostery, a emerging hero who would do anything dirty for what he desires. Holder of the key to unlock my tier 2 power of "Distortion"
  • Linna the Imotorian:
  • A future gazer whom I wonders in to at the outter realm after the end of the story. The last key bearer to unlocked my final talent and enabled me evolve into my Tier 1 state, "Omnilove"
  • And finally
  • Stephnie Orchard:
  • The legendary female who has shown me the path to ultimate power. The one whom has changed my life.