Short Attention Span Math Seminars

Fall 2019 II

The Fall 2019 II SASMS will be held on Tuesday, November 19 at 5:00 in MC 5479. If you would like to give a talk, you may do so by clicking "Sign Up" above.


Talk Title
Zouhaier Ferchiou
Route inspection problem
Joey Yu
On the many ways to construct ℂ, ℍ, and beyond
Mojtaba Valipour
Self-Driving Cars, Behind the Scene!
Pure Math Club
Spencer Wilson
On the Expressibility of Real Numbers
A Primer to Akkadian


Route inspection problem

Given a a graph, we are interested in finding a minimum cost closed walk that uses all the edges of the graph, this is referred to as the Route Inspection Problem or the Chinese Postman Problem. In this brief talk we will present an efficient method to find the optimal tour, by reducing it to a min cost perfect matching problem.

On the many ways to construct ℂ, ℍ, and beyond

From the integers to rationals to reals to complex to quaternions and beyond. We will see what properties each number system gains and loses at each step, and how we can generalize on such.

Self-Driving Cars, Behind the Scene!

Thanks to enormous advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars (SDC) have become one of the most important research topics as a solution to reduce fatal accidents by eliminating or assisting human drivers. SDCs nowadays are more affordable and closer to reality than ever. In this talk, I'm going to give you a brief introduction to the technology behind Self-Driving Cars.

On the Expressibility of Real Numbers

The formality of mathematics has surprising limitations. We give an overview of how math can be formalized and then explore one of its limitations---the apparent fact that there are real numbers that we cannot express. We then present several surprising results about inexpressible numbers.

A Primer to Akkadian

Akkadian is one of the first languages which we have written records of, and we have a lot of it, from epic poetry to schoolchildren's workbooks. This talk aims to give people a shallow dive into the intricacies of Akkadian.