[linux-terminal]: machine_setup.md "linux terminal setup" [mac-terminal]: machine_setup_mac.md "mac terminal setup" [server]: machine_setup_server.md "server setup" # MathSoc New Machine Setup MathSoc currently runs only a few systems. There is a single server, hosting a variety of linux containers, and a handful of office terminals. Terminals exist in Mac and Linux varieties. [Linux Terminal][linux-terminal] - [MacOS X Terminal][mac-terminal] - [Server][server] --- ## Linux Terminal Install Ubuntu Linux x86_64 from the disc. ### Apt If you didnt during install already, modify `/etc/apt/sources.list` to referce `mirror` as opposed to the default locations. Remove the cd/dvd as a source. ### Display Manager The display manager being used is the Ubuntu default of lightdm, its configuration is in `/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf` and should be set as such: [SeatDefaults] user-session=ubuntu greeter-hide-users=true allow-guest=true greeter-session=unity-greeter ### Extra packages The following pacakages should be installed right away (_this should get moved to a custom package or script_) + molly-guard + ssh + vim + screen