The Stubborn Thief

In a village far from the sea there was once a thief
so stubborn and hungry, he never obeyed the law.
For this reason no good person in the village loved him.
Eventually the peoople of the village caught the thief such
that no lawyer could defend him. Very soon after the thief
was sent far away to the city. When he was placed into a prison
and the key was thrown away, the next day he was found sitting
in the village square, hungry more than ever. The villagers
caught him again and sent him farther away. This time when the
thief was put into another prison, the key was thrown into the sea.
The next day he was wondering through out the village. Again
and again, the people of the village caught him and again and again
the key was thrown away to no avail.
Only when this happened many times did the crazy old man of
the village did intervine. The old man who spoke non-sense caught
the thief and gave him some money. After this the thief
disappeared, and the good people of the village did not ask
where he had gone, but only wondered how he escaped. And only
if one person would have asked the old man, he would have said;
"He escaped through the keyhole ... What did you think?!".

The End

Copyright (c) Michael Konstantinidis 2017. All rights reserved.