The Pirates Plea

On an ocean ruled by torn sails and black flags lay an island of wonders and simplicity. Many
lived on this island but only one of them wished they did not. It was a pirate who wished to be
elsewhere. Being stranded on the island for so long the pirate took every measue to escape.

Whenever he saw a parrot perched in the cliffs, he would plead, "Dear sir, if I gave you this gold
coin would you give me your longest feather so I could make a pen to write a rescue message
and place it into this empty bottle so I would have a chance to say fairwell to you sir?" The parrot replied,
"My feathers are for flying, when you manage to fly I will trade with you."

Whenever he saw a sea turtle coming to shore he would plead, "Dear madam, if I gave you this
gold coin would you give me your shell so I could fashion me a boat and sail to a place where I
don't have to eat these eggs?" The turtle replied, "My shell is a home, only until you have
children of your own will I accept your offer."

Whenever he saw a poisonous creature staking him, he would turn and plead, "Excuse my
interuption ... if I give you this gold coin would you give me some of your venom so I could
quench the thirst that has been everlasting since that day I emptied my bottle on this land of
sand and rock?" All the creatures wispered, "Our essense is for seduction, the time we surprise
you is the moment we have the gold piece."

Finally came that day, the pirate grinned from his luck. Hidden in a cave that was never fully lite
was the remains of another pirate. Out of common curtesy he plead to the skull, "Captain, I
give you these coins for you wears that you have had such a firm grip upon and be assured that
your wish of escaping this island will come true." No words of objection were heard, so the
deal was made. With a pistol, a locket and a bottle of rum how did the pirate escaped the island?

The End

Copyright (c) Michael Konstantinidis 2017. All rights reserved.