Tools I've made for helping with BLD:

BLD Memo Tools (old version: BLD Memo Tool)
3-Style Corner Alg Generator (original version)
Corner Twist Alg Generator

My personal solves:

FMC attempts (work in progress; all solves)

My algs/letter pairs:

UFR corner comms
UF edge comms
UF midge comms (unstarted)
UFr wing comms (incomplete)
Ufr x comms
Uf + comms (unstarted)
Person letter pair list
Action letter pair list
Object letter pair list

PLLs (3x3x3, big cubes, OH)

Some BLD statistics:

3BLD number of target statistics (counting n twists/flips as 2n targets)
3BLD number of target statistics (counting 2n-1,2n twists/flips as 2n targets)


Courses I took at the University of Waterloo as an undergraduate:

Introductory Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Combinatorics and Optimization
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science

Some notes from University of California, Los Angeles as a graduate student:

UCLA website (no longer active)