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Welcome to my website! My name is Kenneth Kwong and I am currently in development of this website to display of my profile, whether it is for personal purposes or professional. I've started university with an environmental background in sustainability, but additional education and work experiences during my studies at the University of Waterloo have made me pursue the interests of operational research. While I am not studying or working, I would like to go jogging or play chess in my spare time.

In a broad view, I've manage to complete my undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo, along with additional certification, and course ware that will enhance my knowledge of operations research. I am also pursuing further studies and work experiences that will build on to my current credentials. I can discuss my education/work experience more in-depth if you wish to contact by email, in-person, skype, or phone.

How is this relevant? While I hope to contribute positively for any organization, rather than just having the goal of cutting cost which is emphasized in SCM, my environmental studies encourages more sustainable growth that looks more into improving products/services life cycle than reducing input/waste. In other words, I want to take consideration to ensure effective management in all aspects of a companies operation.

Apart from the academic and professional credentials that I have attained while studying primarily at the University of Waterloo, I like to go for a long jog in my spare time. I also love travelling, but have not done so yet as I started working at Toyota immediately after graduation, which goes against the trend as students go for 'grad trips.'

Scientific Personality Summaries

My general personality type (Myer Brigs) is ESTJ. This section shows many other personality summary forms that I completed to further understand myself or to show academically or professionally where my skills excel or lack.

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  • Here is a form if you want to find out your personality!

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  • Last updated: August 24, 2015

    Images of Hobbies

    Linkedin Profile Website still in Development. I am planning to add a survey section soon.

    Thoughts? If you would like to share music, local eatery, jogging pathways, recommended events or just join me in a one-on-one chess game I will create a submission thread in this site to for inputs. In the meantime, just let me know!

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