John Muchynski


I have worked on various projects ranging from Android game development to a remote control Barbie jeep. I am currently attending the University of Waterloo for Computer Science and Wilfred Laurier University for Business Adminstration, and plan on specializing in finance on the business side.

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My Skills

Multilingual and Well Read

Visual Basic

Hardware Knowledge

In 2014, I was part of a small development team that coded a robot using the WPILib library for C++. I learned about the different actuators and sensors found on robotic devices, such as encoders and solenoids. I also became familiar with how to use PID control loops to better control robots in autonomous modes.

Industry Experience

During this my two terms interning on Sony Creative Software, I worked on a suite of video editing products written in Qt framework(C++). I worked on high-priority tasks including a UX redesign and implementing an analytic system, which was required to met one of our quarterly objectives and resulted in grant money from Sony. I also gained experience in a SCRUM based Agile team and learned how to use JIRA to communicate effectively and become more productive. In the end, my work enabled me to earn two "Outstanding" evaluations from my supervisor.

My Recent Projects

FRC Team Tracker

A Chrome extension that uses the Blue Alliance API to bring the user real-time scores and rankings updates.It is currently published to the Chrome webstore.

Catalyst Prepare

A preproduction assistant for videographers that I worked on during my internship.During this time, I used QML and C++ to make cross-platform changes to the application.

Arvin Air Website

In addition to this website, I also maintain a website for a small business in my hometown. It includes Google Maps integration to display the business's location.

Hotshot Hands

Created a cross-platform game designed using the cocos2d-x framework that has three game modes, including hotseat multiplayer.It is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Mosquito Killer

Created a cross-platform game designed using the cocos2d-x framework and an object-oriented programming approach for better readability.It is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store with Google Game Services integrated.

'Short Stop' Robot

A two-time regional winning robot and world championship quarter-finalist. It has both teleoperated and autonomous modes, with the autonomous mode using PID control to get to the right position.

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