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University of Waterloo

I am a student at the University of Waterloo studying Software Engineering. My cumulative average is 96% and my expected graduation date is April, 2017.


As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I actively hike, ski, kayak, swim and cycle. In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and working out at the gym. I am always open to add to this list.


I am an extremely strong programmer with over eight years of experience. My primary skill set includes back-end development with a focus on data infrastructure.

My Skills

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With over 8 years of programming knowledge, I am proficient in C++, C, Python, Java, and Scala. While back-end development with Flask, Node.js and MySQL is my preferred area, I am familiar with the entire web stack using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Data Analytics

While working on Facebook's MySQL implementation, I became extremely competent with SQL. I am experienced in performing analysis with AWS Redshift, Hive, Spark and MapReduce. I have applied multiple machine learning algorithms using Spark's MLlib.


My passion for programming stems from my original skills in mathematical fields. I have a solid foundation in algebra and combinatorics by focusing on number theory and graph theory. I am also familiar with probability theory and basic statistics.

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