I enjoy learning everything from the quirks of our human brain, to the unsettling discoveries of quantum physics. This is why I've read so many different books (check them out above). When my face isn't stuck in a book, I practice my public speaking with Toastmasters, and enjoy playing sports especially basketball and Quidditch (yes from Harry Potter :D ) .

Why Computer Science and Statistics?

Simply because I love math and programming, and enjoy solving real world problems through technology and data.



I have been playing competitive basketball through my schools and Hamilton's rep team. I continue to play leisurely at UW through intramural competitions. Its interesting how training for a sport like basketball has the same learning principles as practising a speech or studying mathematics.


Toastmasters creates a safe and friendly environment for people to practise their professional public speaking and communication abilities. I've been involved with Toastmasters for over a year now. I give weekly speeches and encourage and help people to come up and crush their fears of speaking to an audience.


My father introduced me to meditation at a young age and I have been meditating since. There are a countless number of benefits from meditating just 10 minutes a day such as increased memory, creativity, concentration, emotional well-being, immune-system. I can't believe every single person isn't meditating!


Back in High School, before the rise of free online educational courses through Cousera and Udacity, books were the way to learn about something that was not being taught in school. Even still I love reading books. To be able to peruse quickly through books, I learned to Speed Read. Books about pyschology and how the world works are interesting to me. Next on my reading list (when I have the time), I want to read Freakonomcs.