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Rental Portal Bot

A Facebook Messenger bot that handles all the rental requests and serves as a digital inventory.

Cheat Chat Bot

A Chatbot Platform that uses natural language to help programmers.

Microsoft Hack 2nd Place, Team of 3


A functional Racket(Scheme) interpreter written in Python.


I am a sophomore at the University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics. I was born in Yangzhou in 1997 and brought up in the same city. One of my favourite place in Yangzhou is my high school, Yangzhou High School of Jiangsu Province, at which I joined the school Olympiad in Informatics team and found out my passion and motivation about technology.

What fascinates and motivates me the most is the belief that Computer Science has great power to make impacts in making people's lives better. I am passionate about coding and I strive for excellence in each project I do while learning as much as possible along the way.

When I'm not working on courses or personal projects, I like to take photos and spread my love in photography. I also love talking to different people, discussing ideas and travelling.

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