Lake Wilcox Kayaking Plans

These plans were made for a kayaking trip on August 6th, 2016. You are free to use these plans as well.

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Things We Need

* = required by law, enforced by OPP on waterways

Boat Launch

Free parking on gravel lot just off Bayview Ave.

Park here, inflate kayak and carry down to water.

You can drop off the kayak at the loop, but apparently the police are quite zealous

Richmond Hill's website says that the very East edge of the lake is a no-boat zone. The speed limits weren't applicable to our slow leisure kayaks.

Post-Kayaking Plans


Post-trip Notes

The water was very calm, and it was generally deep throughout. We approached the shore along the North side of the lake and viewed the nice waterfront homes. We deflated the kayak on the sidewalk to avoid encrusting too much sand/dirt on the kayak.

The lot was never at risk of running out of parking the day we were there.