Kayaking Plans

These plans were made for a kayaking trip on July 23rd, 2016. You are free to use these plans as well.

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Things We Need

* = required by law, enforced by OPP on waterways

Boat Launch

Bridge St. Use the parking lot for Joe Thompson Park

Per GrandRiverKayak.ca instructions: Kitchener - Bridgeport Turn in to the first parking lot entrance to the Joe Thompson Sportsfield at the east end (left bank) of the Bridge St. bridge across the Grand in Kitchener (Bridgeport). Walk up the ramp at the west end of the lot onto the flood protection dike. Walk a few metres upstream on the dike and take the left fork down to the river, and put in to the river at the footing of the bridge.

WC will meet us here with HH. We will leave the Forester and Tiguan here.

After figuring out how to set up the inflatables and a washroom break, it was already 6:50 pm before we set down the river! The river is very shallow in many parts so we had to step out and lift the back skeg over the rocks. Next time, we won't attach the skeg to the kayak if we know it will be this shallow.

2 Hour later... 3 hours and 20 minutes later....

Boat Exit

Schneider Park. Per GrandRiverKayak.ca instructions: Kitchener - Freeport Schneider Park is on the west side of King St. E. across from Freeport Hospital downstream of the old Hwy. 8 or King St. E. bow string bridge

EF, JL, TC, JD will meet here at 4:45PM and leave the Accord here.

It was past 10pm when we pulled in here, it was dark and we were all quite mosquito-bitten.

Post-Kayaking Plans

Depending on how people feel (and our schedule), we can go for Lancaster Smokehouse (open to 10pm Saturday), as recommended by JL or Country Boy Family Restaurant (open to 9pm on Saturday) as recommended by me. JC, KB and JLi may join us.