Toronto Kayaking Plans

These plans were made for a kayaking trip on August 20th, 2016. You are free to use these plans as well.

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Things We Need

* = required by law, enforced by OPP on waterways


Free parking on gravel lot just off Bayview Ave.

Park here, inflate kayak and carry down to water. At 10am there was lots of parking and at 12:30 there was still lots of parking when we got back.

Kayaking Route

From Cherry Beach, we paddled West then North through the Eastern Channel into Toronto's Inner Harbour. We did a circle of Algonquin Island then returned the way we came.

See our route map here. 6km took us 2 hours on the water (?).

Post-Kayaking Plans

Lunch at T&T Supermarket's Food Court. We ended up splitting a large sushi platter for $22.99 and also bought a large bottle of Calpis drink.