November 20, 2017 - Flight Day 2!

Today was a flight day! Yay! Morning in Phuket We had a brief snack, then walked over to the Sirinat National Park. The park checkpoint was unattended, so we walked through until one of the women raking leaves took us back to the checkpoint to pay the admission fee (200 baht for adults). We declined, and walked a short way down a sideroad that I had read about, before realizing it was too hot to follow the detour all the way.

November 9 AND 10, 2017 - Flight Day!

Today was a flight day! All we did was sit on planes! Yay! TTC to Airport (Line 1, Line 2, 192 Rocket) We left late for the airport with very little time to spare, leaving College Station at 1:09 and arriving at 2:19, just an hour and ten minutes before the flight. On the way, we chatted with a friendly operator on Line 2 who had previously worked for Mercedes for 37 years, including 12 years in South Africa before being let go due to restructuring.

Real Hugo Quickstart Guide for the Novice

When I started my road down Hugo, I was quite frustrated - the Hugo guides were difficult to follow and left out lots of details (basic facts, really) that a novice user would need to know. I mean, their Quickstart guide starts with macOS and the Install page is quite a mess. I’m not an expert on Hugo - rather this is me trying to document my findings and hopefully help someone out.

December 27, 2015 - Portland

We spent the day in Portland itself. Due to our late arrival the night previous, we left at 11AM and headed straight to Mt. Tabor. There is lots of free parking on the nearby residential streets and I could feel the Yaris struggling to climb the inclines as we neared the park on Mt. Tabor. The park didn’t have much of a view, but it did involve a lot of uphill climbing.