Edgar Andrew Bering IV

Candidate, Ph. D., Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

E-mail: eberin2@uic.edu

This page is now an archive, a detailed record of my undergraduate work and life.

If you are interested in where I am now, then please find my Ph. D. homepage.


I am currently a Ph. D. student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I will probably soon have a page there, and leave this as an archive of my undergraduate activity.

I completed my undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario. In my undergraduate coursework I strove for both mathematical breadth and depth and general breadth and depth. A complete list of my coursework can be found here. The full, long winded form of my degree is: Bachelor of Mathematics, Honours Combinatorics and Optimization, Honours Pure Mathematics, Minor Computer Science, with Distinction, conferred June 15, 2012.


As an undergraduate I participated in (and some would say was the driving force behind) the founding of The Waterloo Mathematics Review, a journal of undergraduate research and expository writing on mathematics and mathematical uses in other fields. I continue to participate in the journal as an editor emeritus, providing guidance and wisdom from time to time.

I was also heavily involved with the Computer Science Club on campus, having served as Secretary for one term, Vice President for four, Office Manager for two, Librarian for one, and was an active member of the Program Committee every term I had not been in an executive position since Winter 2008. As Vice President, I organized a large array of events, from large talks by out of town visitors (including Richard M. Stallman, Geoff Hinton, and Joel Spolsky), to a weekly seminar series for undergraduates featuring presentations by local professors and club members, as well as a mixture of social events. Additionally in my work with the club, I co-authored a series of Unix tutorials. They have since been completely re-written by later members.

I spent a term as Vice President, Pure Math of the Pure Math, Applied Math, and Combinatorics & Optimization Club during which I organized that term's Short Attention Span Math Seminars (SASMS). I also spent a term as the Commander and Cheese of the Campus Crusade for Cheese, as well as two terms as it's Old Amsterdam.


I am currently interested broadly in the connections between geometry and combinatorics and specifically in the appearance of this theme in knot theory and quantum topology, which I intend to pursue in my doctoral studies.

In the summer of 2011 I was employed by Dr. Craig S. Kaplan as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Computer Graphics Lab at the University of Waterloo. I worked on instigating computer methods for generating Zellij tiling patterns, an Islamic art form from the Moroccan tradition. The code and a brief page on the research will be online soon.

In the summer of 2010 I was employed by Dr. Ashwin Nayak as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Institute for Quantum Computation. I spend my time working with his postdoc Dr. Gorjan Alagic on things related to quantum algorithms and topological invariants of manifolds. The results of the work can be found in my publications.

Between first and second year I was employed as an intern at Air Routing Group researching statistical weather models for then subsidiary Weather Insight. No longer bound by non-disclosure and non-compete contracts I may some day revisit weather modeling. I also worked with Bryan Tolson on simulation and modeling of groundwater using FORTRAN, though my work was mostly as a code monkey.

Speaking of code monkeying, when I was younger my father hired me to write some code for some of his research projects.


As an undergraduate, I gave many talks as a part of coursework for graduate-level courses, at the PMC's Short Attention Span Math Seminars, and at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. I have yet to give a talk as a graduate student.


My first two publications came from working in my father's lab working on the code to power a public database of atmospheric electricity measurements:


In high school I was rather involved in the Perl programming language. I wrote a (now sadly mostly abandoned) module for integrating tests requiring human intelligence to the Perl test suite. It can be found on my CPAN page. I also made a few contributions to the main distribution, and my name can be found in the AUTHORS file that is probably on your system if it has a very complete perl install.

Things that I do.

This section could be called Activities and Interests, but that would imply that some of my activities are uninteresting and some of my interests are inactive. Eventually I'll have the time to make at least a page documenting each one, for now you'll have to take my word that I do these things when time permits.