Daniel Que

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Software engineer at Kaizena, 3A Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo, YouTube partner, and Speedcuber by day. Bboy by night.

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Over the past year, I've been creating #CubeArt with Rubik's Cubes. I've mainly been sticking to sprites as they work well and require a smaller number of cubes. In the future, however, I plan to make larger pieces, such as a recreation of the Mona Lisa.

CubeArt Page


If you're looking to hire a talented and hard-working software developer, look no further! I've provided my resume here for convenience. Contact information is provided in the document.

Resume (PDF)


Welcome to my personal projects. Feel free to touch anything you'd like!



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Speedcubing Tutorials

Cubing has been a major hobby of mine since early 2009. To date, I've been to 17 competitions, including the World Championship 2013 in Las Vegas.

Allow me to impart my knowledge of cubing with these (still under construction) tutorials.

Speedcubing Page


This is currently still in the works, but you can take a look at it. The idea is to create a publicly-editable grid in which people can collaborate on creating a sprite. At the end of each period (the length of which is TBD), I will create the design out of cubes and post the timelapse.


BestBefore App for Android

I recently began dabbling with Android applications. BestBefore is a perishable food expiry date tracker. It's still simple and rough, but who ever made a perfect app in their first try?

Download .apk

Class Notes

Who am I kidding? I'm not going to take good notes. But I've been trying to do them in LaTeX, and you're welcome to take a look. Be warned, however, that they may make your eyes bleed and might not be updated on a regular basis.

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