Dylan DesRosier

Honours Computer Science | dmdesros@uwaterloo.ca


If you're reading this then you must be here for a reason so I'll get straight to the point. I've worked mainly with C/C++, Python, Java and a little bit of Javascript and HTML/CSS but have dabbled with plenty of other languages and frameworks.

If you're looking to hire someone who will put 100% into everything you give them then you should probably contact me, if not, then contact me anyways and let me know what I can do better!

Contact me

Waterloo, ON

(519) 566-0850


Chamber Crawler 3000


A slimmed down clone of the classic game "Rogue"

Written with a partner as a final project

I managed character classes and functions along with debugging and testing

Bot Should I Do?

Python, Flask and Heroku

A bot that tells you what you should do when you can’t decide

Includes a basic handwritten state machine to control flow

This Webpage

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

It's pretty self explanatory

Started from scratch and made it look pretty

That first paragraph took the longest


A connect 4 bot written in C++ for The AI Games

Tic Tac Toe in C along with a basic AI to play against

Many C/C++ projects for school assignments

Several levels of the Python Challenge for fun

BASH and Python scripts for simple tasks and automation

A very ugly even older webpage from scratch. Check it out here


Operating Systems

User Interfaces

Object Oriented Software Development

Data Structures and Data Management

Computer Organization and Design

Introduction to Combinatorics and Optimization

And a lot more...