High Altitude Ballooning Design Team

2014 – Present

The High Altitude Ballooning (HAB) Team is a child of its parent organization, Waterloo Space Society. The HAB Team is currently researching solar balloons and exploring the use of solar rays to generate lift rather than conventional lighter-than-air gases such as helium. They also build autonomous payloads for their balloons to conduct atmospheric research. A variety of sensors and a GPS module are included on-board to log and analyze data before sending it back down to Earth. As a member of the Communications team I write software for our communications platform using Python. This can vary anywhere from working on the front-end GUI to the back-end serial communications.

Waterloo Space Society

2014 – Present

The goal of Waterloo Space Society (WSS) is to give students interested in all aspects of space a chance to come together and share their ideas. It organizes many events throughout the year; whether it is stargazing, skydiving, rocketry, astronaut training, or even building a radio telescope array, Waterloo Space Society is guaranteed to have something for every space enthusiast. Space talks held by the WSS have really given me new insights in the philosophy of space exploration. Through monthly stargazing events I have learned a lot about the many constellations and the history behind them. Overall it has been a lot of fun, and is a place where I can truly explore my passion for astronomy.


2014 – 2015

WatSat is a micro satellite design team at the University of Waterloo. The goal of WatSat is to design and build a micro satellite to compete in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge. As a member of the Computing team, which is responsible for interfacing between the different systems within the satellite, I’ve written code using Python to monitor the processor activity of the satellite in real-time. On other occasions, I’ve done wiring and soldering work for the motherboard.