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I am a 21 year old undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo in the Honours Geomatics five year co-op program, minoring in Computer Science. Outside of work and school, I enjoy practicing saxophone and composing music, as well as setting up jam sessions with fellow jazz musicians. On top of playing cool jazz, I enjoy partaking in hackathons, creating small but useful side projects.

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Alex McVittie
(226) 235-0678


2 years experience ArcGIS
5 years experience Java
5 years experience Linux shell scripting
3 years experience VB.NET and functional programming
4 years experience Python scripting
Knowledgeable with other GIS software/frameworks (ArcGIS Online, QGIS, R, GRASS, GDAL PostgreSQL, Geomatica)
Web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript), MySQL, PostGres and Android app development


AgriFoods Canada

Geomatics Technician May 2016 - August 2016

Duties included:
- Analyzing and improving backend scripts for a crop metrics application
- Writing a rescaling algorithm to convert old data into a format comparable with new data
- Preprocessing and verification of data for use in various models
- Weekly data collection of crop stage in the area around Ottawa using ArcPad

AgriFoods Canada

Geomatics Technician September 2015 - December 2015

Duties included:
- Maintaining the Versatile Soil Moisture Budget software package written in VB.NET
- Redesigning the main interface for AAFC's Integrated Canadian Crop Yield Forecasting model
- Testing and creating documentation for a variety of R and Python scripts
- Producing written reports, static maps, documentation and metadata.

University of Waterloo

GIS Library Technician January 2015 - May 2015

Duties included:
- Assisting patrons with GIS questions of varying difficulty
- Running introductory and advanced GIS workshops, as well as assisting and leading guest lectures
- Creating a crowdsourcing project using ArcGIS Online, HTML and PHP
- Desigining and implementing a GIS search engine using a PHP and PostGres backend, and an HTML front end


Wilton Grove Public School Music Department

Music Teaching Assistant February 2013 - May 2013

Gave one on one help to students that were having issues, allowing me to work out the issues they were having so they could get back to playing music with the rest of the class faster. As well, I also created worksheets and activities to assist the students in understanding the more difficult music theory concepts. On days that the main music teacher was absent, I took initiative and taught the class to ensure that they did not fall behind.

FIRST Robotics Team 3756

Head Programmer September 2011 - April 2013

Co-programmed with team programmers in 2011 through to 2012 to program a robot to complete a set of given tasks, including autonomous and human-controlled operations. In 2013, I became the lead programmer and was responsible for all programming duties with no assistance.


University of Waterloo

Candidate for Honours Geomatics September 2013 - Present
Computer Science minor, Climate Change specialization

Relevant courses and assignments

GEOG 281: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
This course was an introduction to spatial data manipulation using ArcGIS.
Vector GIS I October 2013

This assignment involved examining census data from the 2011 Canadian census and combining it with the Grand River Transit data using tabular joins. It also utilized complex Boolean operations to create intricate data selections.

Vector GIS II October 2013

Lab 4 required the use of spatial analysis tools as well as buffer overlays and clipping to solve spatial problems in areas that could be affected by a Light Rail Transit line installed by the Grand River Transit.

GIS Analysis Automation November 2013

The final lab for GEOG 281 introduced us to using Python scripting to automate calculations on raster data sets using the arcpy libraries. We used the raster calculator to simulate a sea level rise and to show what areas of the New York coastline would be affected.

GEOG 387: Spatial Database Design
This course focused on the design, development, and processing of data to develop a spatial database.
Creating and Working With Spatial Data September 2014

Corrected spatial data using a variety of vector tool sets and ensured that new and existing shape files have correct, up to date metadata.

TIN Data Structures, Database Design and Query November 2014

Used a combination of the Hydrology tools in ArcGIS to generate a watershed from digital elevation. We also made use of the TIN data structure from a planning perspective to determine where development should occur based on slopes of an area. The lab also included the beginnings of creating spatial SQL queries in a PostgreSQL spatial database.

GEOG 381: Advanced GIS
This course focused on the advanced toolsets and analysis in the ArcGIS suite
Fire station analysis July 2015

This assignment involved determining the location of a new fire station based on real emergency call data for Boston. By using service areas, network analysis and call density in ArcMap, it was possible to determine how to lower response time in the city for 911 fire calls.

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