Alan Karimullah




This website contains information supplement to my résumé. I will finish studies for my BMath (CS) degree from the University of Waterloo in April 2018.


I actively create programs in my spare time. Some show graphical results of mathematics, some are solvers or macros for small games, and some are games themselves. I also create tools to help myself with images and files. The programs below are only the ones with something interesting to show in screenshots.




Future project ideas

Photo viewer

I don't like many photo viewers because they cover parts of the image with translucent panels, make GUI elements appear whenever you move the mouse, or simple things like not allowing you to move between the first and last images... so I'll make my own! I'll also be able to add any custom features I want.

Extreme word search generator

I already created a word search generator, but I would like to make an "extreme" one that tries to fit as many words as it can onto the grid using a genetic algorithm. I got this idea when a speaker who was invited to Citigroup (my third co-op) talked about genetic algorithms. They can be used to find near-optimal solutions to difficult problems (e.g. the Travelling salesman problem). I also learned about them in my Introduction to Artificial Intelligence class!

3D Fractal virtual reality

This is the largest and coolest project I plan to tackle. It will be a successor to my current largest program, the Mandelbrot/Julia set image generator. I want to implement it using C++ and CUDA.

Courses taken or taking (starred)