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The events for Winter 2007 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

Network Security -- Intrusion Detection

MC 4041, 2007-01-31, 4:00 PM: A talk by Reg Quinton

Riding The Multi-core Revolution

MC 4041, 2007-02-07, 4:30 PM: How a Waterloo software company is changing the way people program computers. A talk by Stefanus Du Toit

UW Software Start-ups: What Worked and What Did Not

MC 2066, 2007-02-08, 4:30 PM: A talk by Larry Smith

Introduction to 3-d Graphics

MC 4041, 2007-02-09, 4:30 PM: A talk by Chris "The Prof" Evensen

Writing World Class Software

DC 1351, 2007-02-09, 8:30 PM: A talk by James Simpson

An Introduction to Recognizing Regular Expressions in Haskell

MC 2065, 2007-02-15, 4:30 PM: A talk by James deBoer

ReactOS: An Open Source OS Platform for Learning

DC 1350, 2007-02-26, 4:30 pm: A talk by Alex Ionescu

Computational Physics Simulations

MC 1056, 2007-03-28, 5:30 PM: A talk by David Tenty and Alex Parent

All The Code

MC 1056, 2007-03-29, 4:30 PM: A demo/introduction to a new source code search engine. A talk by Holden Karau

Surprise Bill Gates Visit

MC 3036, 2007-04-01, 4:30 PM: Bill Gates is coming to visit the CSClub

Data Analysis with Kernels: [an introduction]

MC 1056, 2007-04-04, 4:00 PM: A talk by Michael Biggs. This talk is RESCHEDULED due to unexpected circumstances

Loop Optimizations

MC 4041, 2007-04-08, 4:30pm: A talk by Simina Branzei

The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System

Hagey Hall, 2007-04-11, 3:30 PM: A talk by Richard M. Stallman (RMS) [CANCELLED]