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The events for Winter 2003 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

W03 Elections

MC3001, 2003-01-13, 6:00 PM: Come out and vote for the new exec!

Regular Expressions

MC1085, 2003-01-23, 6:30 PM: Find your perfect match

sed & awk

MC1085, 2003-01-30, 6:30 PM: Unix text editing

Unix 101 Tutorial

MC2037, 2003-02-04, 4:30 PM: Learn Unix and be the envy of your friends!

LaTeX: A Document Processor

MC1085, 2003-02-06, 6:30 PM: Typesetting beautiful text

Unix 102 Tutorial

MC2037, 2003-02-11, 4:30 PM: Learn more Unix and be the envy of your friends!

LaTeX: Reports

MC1085, 2003-02-13, 6:30 PM: Writing reports that look good.

Unix 103 Tutorial

MC2037, 2003-02-18, 4:30 PM: Learn more Unix and be the envy of your friends!

LaTeX: Beautiful Mathematics

MC1085, 2003-02-20, 6:30 PM: LaTeX => fun

The BSD License Family

MC1085, 2003-02-27, 6:00 PM: Free for all

The GNU General Public License

MC1085, 2003-02-27, 6:30 PM: The teeth of Free Software


MC1085, 2003-03-13, 6:30 PM: Give your documents more markup


MC1085, 2003-03-20, 6:30 PM: Transforming your documents

Judy, or What Is It Like To Be A Robot?

Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall, 2003-03-24, 8:00 PM: Held in co-operation with the UW Cognitive Science Club

Stream Processing

MC2065, 2003-03-25, 4:30 PM: A talk by Assistant Professor Michael McCool

Abusing the C++ Compiler

MC2065, 2003-03-26, 6:00 PM: Abusing template metaprogramming in C++

SSH and Networks

MC1085, 2003-03-27, 6:30 PM: Once more into the breach