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The events for Winter 2002 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

An Introduction to GNU Hurd

Comfy Lounge MC3001, 2002-01-26, 2:00 PM: Bored of GNU/Linux? Try this experimental operating system!

GnuPG/PGP Keysigning Party

Comfy Lounge MC3001, 2002-01-26, 2:30 PM: Get more signatures on your key!

UNIX 101: First Steps With UNIX

MC2037, 2002-01-31, 6:00 PM: This is the first in a series of seminars that cover the use of the UNIX Operating System. UNIX is used in a variety of applications, both in academia and industry. We will be covering the basics of the UNIX environment, as well as the use of PINE, an electronic mail and news reader.

Unix 102: Fun With UNIX

MC2037, 2002-02-07, 6:00 PM: This the second in a series of UNIX tutorials. Simon Law and James Perry will be presenting some more advanced UNIX techniques. All are welcome. Accounts will be provided for those needing them.

DVD-Video Under Linux

MC4060, 2002-02-13, 4:00 PM: Billy Biggs will be holding a talk on DVD technology (in particular, CSS and playback issues) under Linux, giving some technical details as well as an overview of the current status of Free Software efforts. All are welcome.

Computer Go, The Ultimate

MC4060, 2002-03-01, 5:00 PM: Thomas Wolf from Brock University will be holding a talk on the Asian game of Go. All are welcome.