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The events for Spring 2013 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

Spring 2013 Elections

Comfy Lounge, 2013-05-15, 6:00 PM: Elections for Spring 2013 are being held! The Executive will be elected, and the Office Manager and Librarian will be appointed by the new executive.

Unix 101/ Code Party 0

Comfy Lounge, 2013-06-07, 6:00 PM, 8:00PM: We are offering a Unix tutorial on Friday, June 7th, 2013! Following the tutorial a code party will take place. Bring your laptops and chargers for an awesome night of coding, hacking and learning. All are welcome to join in the comfy lounge!

3D Movies and Computer Science

MC 4041, 2013-07-11, 5:00PM: While humans started making 3D motion pictures in the 1800's, several technical and artistic challenges prevented widespread interest in the medium. By investing heavily in a computerized production pipeline, James Cameron's 2009 release of Avatar ushered in an era of mainstream interest in 3D film. However, many technical and artistic problems still find their way into otherwise-modern 3D movies. The talk explores some of these problems while introducing the fundamentals of 3D film-making from a CS perspective.

Path Tracing

MC 4041, 2013-07-18, 5:00PM: As a follow on to last term's tutorial on building a ray-tracer from scratch, this talk will be presenting the basic mechanics of how a bidirectional path-tracer creates a globally illuminated scene, advantages and limitations of this approach over other offline global illumination techniques along with a simple example path-tracer written in C++, and opportunities for hardware acceleration on GPUs, time permitting.

CSC Goes Outside!

EV3 Fire Pit, 2013-07-19, 7:00PM: Do you love the combination of s'mores, burgers, and fire? Are you brave enough to face the newly-grown geese? Do you want to play some Frisbee while listening to some chill tunes? If so, come hang out with the CSC at the EV3 Fire Pit this Friday! All are welcome for some outdoor food, games, and music.

The Future of 3D Graphics is in Software!

MC 4020, 2013-07-22, 5:00PM: Convergence between CPU and GPU approaches to processing sets the stage for an exciting transition to 3D rendering that takes place entirely in software. TransGaming's Nicolas Capens and Gavriel State will speak about this convergence and how it will influence the future of graphics.

Code Party 1

Comfy Lounge, 2013-07-26, 7:00PM: Come out to the Code Party happening in the Comfy Lounge on July 26 at 7:00 PM! Why sleep when you could be hacking on $your_favourite_project or doing $something_classy in great company? Join us for a night of coding, snacks, and camaraderie!