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The events for Spring 2006 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

CSC Elections

The Comfy Lounge, 2006-05-08, 4:30 PM: Come out and vote for the Spring 2006 executive!

Video 4 Linux Day

CSC, 2006-05-13, 1:00 PM: We don't know enough about V4L

Unix 101 and 102 Recording

CSC, 2006-05-14, 1:00 PM: Unix 101 and 102 recording

Eighteen Years in the Software Tools Business

MC 4060, 2006-05-25, 4:00 PM: Eighteen Years in the Software Tools Business at Microsoft, a talk by Rico Mariani, (BMath CS/EEE 1988)

CSC General Meeting

MC4042, 2006-06-21, 4:30 PM: Come out to discuss current & future plans/projects for the Club

Midnight Madness, Alpha Edition

MC3036, 2006-07-17, 11:59 PM: Come out to discuss current & future plans/projects for the Club

Semacode: Image recognition on mobile camera phones

MC1085, 2006-07-19, 4:30 PM: Simon Woodside, founder of Semacode, comes to discuss image what it is like to start a business and how imaging code works

Cool Stuff to do With Python

MC4041, 2006-07-20, 5:30 PM: Albert O'Connor will be introducing the joys of programming in python

Simulating multi-tasking on an embedded architecture

MC4041, 2006-07-20, 4:30 PM: Alex Tsay will look at the common hack used to simulate multi-processing in a real time embedded environment.

March of the Penguins

MC1085, 2006-07-21, 5:30 PM: The Computer Science Club will be showing March of the Penguins

Software development gets on the Cluetrain

MC 4063, 2006-07-24, 4:30pm: or How communities of interest drive modern software development.

Linux Installfest!

DC Fishbowk, 2006-07-25, 1:00pm: A part of Linux Awareness Week

Lemmings Day

MC Comfy Lounge, 2006-07-26, 3:30pm: Come out for some retro Amiga-style Lemmings gaming action!


East Side Mario, 2006-07-29, 7:00pm: Come out for the Club that Really Likes Dinner