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The events for Spring 2004 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

CSC Elections

The Comfy Lounge, 2004-05-12, 4:30 PM: Come out and vote for the Spring 2004 executive!

Computing's Next Great Empires: The True Future of Software

DC 1350, 2004-05-26, 5:30 PM: A talk by Larry Smith

``Optical Snow'': Motion parallax and heading computation in densely cluttered scenes. -or- Why Computer Vision needs the Fourier Transform!

MC 2066, 2004-06-17, 4:00 PM: A talk by Richard Mann; School of Computer Science

Case Modding Workshop!

RCH 308, 2004-07-17, 11:30 AM: Come and learn how to make your computer 1337!

Game Complexity Theorists Ponder, by Jonathan Buss

MC 2065, 2004-07-27, 4:30 PM: Attention AI buffs: Game Complexity presentation