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The events for Spring 2003 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

Spring 2003 Elections

MC3001 Comfy Lounge, 2003-05-14, 4:30 PM: Come on out and vote for your exec!

May 22 Exec Meeting

MC3036 CSC Office, 2003-05-22, 4:30 PM: The execs discuss what needs discussion

Unix 101: First Steps With Unix

MC2037, 2003-05-29, 4:30 PM: Learn Unix and be the envy of your friends!

Unix 102: Fun With Unix

MC2037, 2003-06-05, 4:30 PM: Talking to your Unix can be fun and profitable

Pints with Profs!

The Grad House, 2003-06-09, 5:00 - 9:00 PM: Get to know your profs and be the envy of your friends!

A Brief History of Computer Science

MC2066, 2003-06-10, 4:30 PM: War, insanity, espionage, beauty, domination, sacrifice, and tragic death... not what one might associate with the history of computer science. In this talk I will focus on the origin of our discipline in the fields of engineering, mathematics, and science, and on the complicated personalities that shaped its evolution. No advanced technical knowledge is required.

June 12 Exec Meeting

MC3036 CSC Office, 2003-06-12, 3:30 PM: Have an issue that should be brought up? We'd love to hear it!

Unix 103: Scripting Unix

MC2037, 2003-06-12, 4:30 PM: You too can be a Unix taskmaster

vi: the visual editor

MC2037, 2003-06-19, 4:30 PM: It's not 6.

Friday Flicks

DC1302, 2003-06-27, 2:30 PM: SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre Showing

Guelph Trip

University of Guelph, 2003-07-04, 3:30 PM: Come Visit the University of Guelph's Computer Science Club

Mainframes and Linux

MC2065, 2003-07-08, 4:00 PM: A talk by Jim Elliott. Jim is responsible for IBM's in Open Source activities and IBM's mainframe operating systems for Canada and the Carribbean.


MC4064, 2003-07-17, 4:30 PM: Metaprogramming your way to stunning effects.

vi: the visual editor

MC2037, 2003-07-24, 4:30 PM: It's not 6.

July Exec Meeting

CSC Office, 2003-07-24, 3:00 PM: See Abstract for minutes

LaTeX and Work Reports

MC4064, 2003-07-31, 4:30 PM: Writing beautiful work reports