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The events for Fall 2015 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

Google Cardboard

MC 2065, 2015-09-17, 6 PM: Come for a talk from Rob Suderman on Cardboard, Google's recent exploration in affordable, cereal box based Virtual Reality.

Results of Fall 2015 Elections

MC 3001, 2015-09-22, 9 PM: The Computer Science Club has elected its executive for the term, and a new Office Manager and System Administrator have been appointed. See inside for results.

Fall 2015 Elections

MC 3001, 2015-09-22, 7 PM: The Computer Science Club will be holding elections for the Fall 2015 term on Tuesday, September 22nd in MC Comfy (MC 3001) at 19:00. During the meeting, the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary will be elected, the sysadmin will be ratified, and the librarian and office manager will be appointed. See inside for nominations.

CSC and WiCS Career Panel

EIT 3142, 2015-09-24, 4:30 PM: The CSC is joining WiCS to host a career panel! Come hear from Waterloo alumni as they speak about their time at Waterloo, experience with coop, and life beyond the university. Please register at

Back to Back Talks: Culture Turnaround and Software Defined Networks

DC 1304, 2015-09-30, 5:00 PM: Back to back talks from John Stix and Francisco Dominguez on turning a company's culture around and on Software Defined Networks!

'Why Am I Studying This?'

MC 4040, 2015-10-02, 7:30 PM: Big-O, the Halting Problem, Finite State Machines, and more are concepts that get even more interesting in the real world. Come and hear Tom Rathborne talk about how theory hits reality (often with a bang!) at

Starting an VN Indie Game Company as a UW Student

MC 4061, 2015-10-07, 5:30 PM: Come out to a talk by Alfe Clemencio! Many people want to make games as signified by all the game development schools that are appearing everywhere. But how would you do it as a UW student? This talk shares the experiences of how making Sakura River Interactive was founded without any Angel/VC investment.

Cory Doctorow - The War on General Purpose Computing

ML Theatre of the Arts, 2015-10-16, 7:00 PM: Between walled gardens, surveillance agencies, and political opponents, no matter who's winning the war on general purpose computing you're losing. The Computer Science Club will be hosting Cory Doctorow's talk in the Theatre of the Arts on October 16.

'Git 101'

MC 4020, 2015-11-19, 7:00-8:00 PM: Learn how to use Git properly in an exciting talk by Charlie Wang!

'Static Analysis and Program Optimization Using Dataflow Analysis'

MC 4041, 2015-11-23, 6:00 PM: An introduction to some basic issues with optimization of imperative programs, by Sean Harrap

An Introduction to Google's FOAM Framework

MC 4063, 2015-11-26, 5:00-7:00 PM: An introduction to Google's FOAM framework, an open-source modeling framework written in Javascript, by Google's Kevin Greer.

WiCS and CSC watch War Games!

MC Comfy, 2015-11-27, 7:30 PM: WiCS and CSC are watching War Games in the Comfy lounge.