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The events for Fall 2007 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

Virtual Reality, Real Law: The regulation of Property in Video Games

DC 1302, 2007-09-25, 1:30 PM: Susan Abramovitch

Putting the fun into Functional Languages and Useful Programming with OCaml/F#

MC4061, 2007-10-02, 4:30 PM: Brennan Taylor

Distributed Programming with Erlang

TBA, 2007-10-04, 4:30 PM: Brennan Taylor

Join-Calculus with JoCaml. Concurrent programming that doesn't fry your brain

MC 4060, 2007-10-09, 4:45 PM: Brennan Taylor

Off-the-Record Messaging: Useful Security and Privacy for IM

MC4041, 2007-10-15, 4:30 PM: Ian Goldberg

General Meeting

MC4058, 2007-10-19, 5:00 PM: There is a general meeting scheduled for Friday, October 19, 2007 at 17:00. This is a chance to bring out any ideas and concerns about CSC happenings into the open, as well as a chance to make sure all CSC staff is up to speed on current CSC doings. The current agenda can be found at

Why you should care about functional programming with Haskell *New-er Date*

MC 4041, 2007-11-20, 4:30 PM: Andrei Barbu

More Haskell functional programming fun!

MC 4041, 2007-11-22, 4:30 PM: Andrei Barbu

Concurrent / Distributed programming with JoCaml

MC 4061, 2007-11-29, 4:30 PM: Brennan Taylor

Programming Contest

MC 2037, 2007-12-01, 1:30 PM: Win Prizes!

Multi-Player Linux games for Linux awarness week

TBA, 2007-12-02, 2:30 PM: Multi-Player Gaming with Linux [Possibly Pizza!]

PE Executable Translation: A solution for legacy games on linux (Postponed)

TBA, 2007-12-04, 4:30 PM: David Tenty

Google Summer of Code, a look back on 2007

MC 4061, 2007-12-05, 4:30 PM: Holden Karau