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The events for Fall 2004 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

CSC Elections

The Comfy Lounge, 2004-09-17, 4:00 PM: Come out and vote for the Fall 2004 executive!

UNIX 101

MC 2037, 2004-09-27, 4:30 PM: First UNIX tutorial

UNIX 102

MC 2037, 2004-10-04, 4:30 PM: Fun with Unix

UNIX 103: Scripting Unix

MC 2037, 2004-10-18, 4:30 PM: You Too Can Be a Unix Taskmaster

CSC Programming Contest

MC 2037, 2004-10-23, 11:00 PM: CSC Programming Contest

Lemmings Day!

MC 4063, 2004-11-12, 2:30 PM: Everyone else is doing it!


MC 2066, 2004-11-18, 5:00 PM: Wiki software in PHP+MySQL


MC 2066, 2004-11-24, 4:30 PM: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the IDE

Knitting needles, hairpins and other tangled objects

MC 4058, 2004-12-01, 2:30 PM: In this talk, I'll study linkages (objects built from sticks that are connected with flexible joints), and explain some interesting examples that can or cannot be straightened out


Mongolian Grill, 2004-12-08, 4:30 PM: This semesters CTRL-D (or the club that really likes dinner) is going to be at Mongolian grill. Be there or be square