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The events for Fall 2002 are listed here. You can also download an ICS of them.

F02 elections

Comfy lounge, 2002-09-16, 5:30 PM: Come and vote for this term's exec

UNIX 101

MC3006, 2002-09-26, 5:30 PM: First Steps with UNIX

Business Meeting

Comfy lounge, MC3001, 2002-09-30, 6:30 PM: Vote on a constitutional change.

Pints with the Profs

The Bomber, 2002-10-01, 6:30 PM-9:30 PM: Get to know your profs and be the envy of your friends!

UNIX 102

MC3006, 2002-10-03, 5:30 PM: Talking to your UNIX can be fun and profitable.

Video cards, Linux display drivers and the Kernel Graphics Interface (KGI)

MC4045, 2002-10-08, 4:30PM: A talk by Filip Spacek, KGI developer

UNIX 103

MC3006, 2002-10-10, 5:30pm:

Debian in the Enterprise

MC2065, 2002-10-17, 5:30PM: A talk by Simon Law

GNU/Linux on HPPA

MC2066, 2002-10-26, 1:30PM: Carlos O'Donnell talks about "the last of the legacy processors to fall before the barbarian horde"

The Hurd Interfaces

MC2066, 2002-10-26, 3:00PM: Marcus Brinkmann, a GNU Hurd developer, talks about the Hurd server interfaces, at the heart of a GNU/Hurd system

A GNU Approach to Virtual Memory Management in a Multiserver Operating System

MC2066, 2002-10-26, 4:30PM: Neal Walfield, a GNU Hurd developer, talks about a possible Virtual Memory Management subsystem for the GNU Hurd

GNU/Linux InstallFest with KW-LUG and UW-DIG

MC3002 (Math Coffee and Donut Store), 2002-11-02, 11:00AM-3:00PM: Bring over your computer and we'll help you install GNU/Linux

The Evil Side of C++

MC 2065, 2002-11-05, 4:30 PM: Abusing template metaprogramming in C++; aka. writing a Mandelbrot generator that runs at compile time

The GNU General Public License

MC4063, 2002-11-07, 5:30pm: The teeth of Free Software

Automatic Memory Management and Garbage Collection

MC4058, 2002-11-12, 4:30PM: A talk by James A. Morrison

Trip to York University

York University, 2002-11-16, 1:30pm: Going to visit the York University Computer Club

Metaprogramming GPUs

MC4058, 2002-11-19, 4:30pm: A talk by Michael McCool of the Computer Graphics Lab.

Perl 6

MC2066, 2002-11-21, 6:00pm: A talk by Simon Law

Samba and You

MC2066, 2002-11-21, 4:30pm: A talk by Dan Brovkovich, Mathsoc's Computing Director